Sydni Schulze

Head Fitness Coach

Squat 225

Bench 105



NASM Nutrition

NASM Corrective Science

About Coach

Sydni “Syd” began her softball career at the young age of 4, and by the time she turned 8 she was playing travel-ball. Almost all of her childhood memories were at the ballpark. Through her hard work and dedication, she eventually earned a scholarship to play in college. She is grateful for the opportunities afforded to her through the sport and credits many of her learned life lessons and skills to softball.

Turning Point

Being the youngest and smallest, Syd stayed frustrated with the feeling of always trying to “catch up”. The turning point came in her Sophomore year of high school when her coach told her that she wasn’t good enough. All of the emotions and frustrations that come along with hearing that went flooding through her head....” I’ll never be good enough”...” I’ll never be able to perform like the other girls”....” I’m too small”...This went on for a couple of weeks when it finally clicked that she would never let anyone or anything else determine the outcome of what she wanted to accomplish. Looking back on the situation, she’s thankful for that coach, and may not have pushed hard enough to earn that college scholarship.

Motivation & Passion

Sydni says her purpose for coaching stems from her passion for building confidence in her clients. Her most meaningful feedback isn’t necessarily hearing “Hey, I lost 5 pounds”, it’s “I can finally fit into those pants that I’ve been staring at for 2 years” or “I looked in the mirror, and I can actually see the changes I’m making with my body” or “My friend told me that she can see that I’m losing weight”. THAT is her motivation to continue helping people...when she sees how excited someone is because they feel better about themselves and they feel even better internally.

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