Hunter Lewis

Hunter Lewis



NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Bachelors in Health & Exercise Science

About Coach

What started as a “pass-time” grew to be a passion that I pursued into my collegiate career. My last year in high school consisted of only two classes a day with cheerleading in the afternoons. I was bored to say the least, so I threw myself into a gym & my obsession with fitness began. As I continued to cheer in college, my love for health & fitness grew. I have since earned my PT certification, trained clients both online & in-person, & helped many individuals reach their health & fitness goals through fat loss & muscle gain.

Turning Point

I hired a coach. As a sophomore in college I felt like my wheels were spinning yet I wasn’t moving in regards to my fitness journey. I decided it was time for someone else to guide me to where I wanted to be. Since then, I’ve had two coaches of my own who both taught me different aspect of health & fitness. I payed attention to what was being taught to me & made sure I fully understood all aspects from training to nutrition. After my second coach, I thought to myself, “I know how to do what I’m paying my coaches to do for me.” So, I decided I would be my own coach! I invested in myself, in my abilities, & in my passion. Now, I get to help people on their fitness journeys every day!

Motivation & Passion

One of my first clients was a new mom, a wife, & a full-time worker. I was able to help her lose 10+ pounds of fat & incorporate a positive lifestyle change into her family life. She didn’t have hours every day to workout, but she trusted me with her health & IT WORKED. My favorite success stories are about clients who live normal lives, who have families, & who have demanding jobs. Health & fitness are accessible to all who pursue it. My passion is for helping individuals who are ready for that pursuit.

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